Solar PV (photovoltaic)

We are able to supply Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels on their own or part of a complete kit, from leading manufacturers such as Suntech.

The Solar PV (photovoltaic) renewable technology uses photovoltaic modules on the roof of a building to convert into electricity, these modules are made up of Volataic cells which consist of a semi-conductive material that can generate an electrical charge when exposed to light.

The electricity harvested can be stored and used throughout a home by harnessing the suns energy and converting to into electricity this can substantially reduce fuel bills and reduce a home’s carbon foot print. The location of the panels are vital, each module must receive the maximum amount of sunlight possible, preferably a south facing roof away from any trees or buildings that may cast shadows. It is also possible for a home fitted with Solar PV to sell electricity back to the grid!