Plywood Sheets

Our Building branches sell a wide range of plywood sheets.

Far Eastern plywood products are generally made from tropical hardwood and are manufactured in Malaysia or Indonesia. Nicholls branches stock top quality plywood from well known manufacturers based in this region. A full range of sizes and grades including CE2+ panels are always available from stock. We are also able to supply to special order, cut-to-size, pre-painted and flame retardant panels.

Chinese Hardwood Faced Panels offer a good quality face veneer and the poplar core makes the plywood lighter than similar panels con­structed of other hardwoods. The surface is good for painting and veneering. We can also offer “hard­wood throughout” panels from China for applications re­quiring a stronger product.

Coniferous plywood, from temporary hoardings to top quality flooring and concrete formwork, there is a panel suitable for the purpose. Obviously the cheaper grades of panel are unsuitable for demanding applications and a top quality panel would generally be too expensive to use for general purpose work.