Permeable Paving

We have a wide range of permeable paving products available from our branches

The increased amount of surface water drained from developed areas is having a significant impact on Britain’s river catchments. As we see more developments appear this leads to an increase risk of flooding and threat to water quality and the environment.

Planning permission is now required to lay an impermeable driveway or parking area that measures more than 5m². To avoid the need for planning permission for a driveway or parking area, permeable block paving can be used. When used with a storm water management system this helps control the flow of water and let’s water flow into a special sub base without damaging the structure of the driveway.

There is no specific method of drainage but soakaways, swales basins and ponds can be used. Water can even be re-harvested for use in other areas within your home. Nicholls can supply permeable paviours, alongside products to create your sub base and drainage system.