Multi-Foil Insulation

We have multi-foil insulation products in stock and they are available from all our Building branches

We stock a range of Multifoil insulations including YBS Superquilt and Web Dyamics TLX Siler and Gold.

Conventional insulation such as fibreglass PUR boards reduce heat transfer by trapping air or gas, they reduce convection as the primary method of reducing heat transfer. Traditional insulation is not as efficient at reducing radiant heat transfer which is often the primary mode of heat loss through a building envelope.

These products like most building materials have very high radiant transfer rates in other words, standard forms of insulation are good radiators of heat. Multi-foil insulation use layers of polyethylene coated foils spaced with wadding and closed cell foams, the low emissivity surfaces are very effective in reducing radiant heat transfer.

Not sure what you need? – Ask a member of our well trained staff and they will make sure you have the right product for your project.