We have a wide range of insulation products available from our branches

With the correct type of insulation installed in a building significant improvement on energy consumption can be made, this is also crucial when looking at renewable products and micro-generation, without sufficient insulation any savings made from these can quite simply disappear out of the roof or walls of your property.

Nicholls can supply loft roll that can be used to help reduce heat lost through roof spaces. Multipuporse Insulation Board (PIR) that can be used insulate and reduce heat loss through walls and roofs. Multifoil product can be used to reduce heat loss through roof spaces. In addition most of these products can be provided in different guises that offer acoustic control or fire protection.

In the era of energy efficiency and looking at how we can improve the thermal efficiency of our homes, new products are becoming widely available to help retro-fit installation, reducing the need for major construction work. Therefore we stock an extensive range of PIR that has plasterboard backing for internal application and boards which can be used externally with render applied.

Additionally is important that we look at other areas that can be insulated such as exposed pipe work and even garage doors. For a truly sustainable form of insulation we are also able to provide insulation which is made from natural products such as sheep’s wool, hemp and wood fibre.

At Nicholls you will find we have the solution you need from leading manufactures.