Electric and Mixer Showers

Our Plumbing Branches have a wide selection of electric and mixer showers from Instinct, Bristan, Aqualisa, Crosswater, Hansgrohe, Mira and Triton.

An electric shower is essentially a water heater. It relies on heating mains-pressure cold water very fast as it flows towards the shower head. There is no pump involved, so the amount of water you get through will depend on your mains water pressure.¬†Electric showers are economical as you heat only the water you need, and they’re the only type of shower that’s independent of the hot water system, so if your boiler fails you can still have a hot shower.

Mixer showers are so called because they will mix the existing hot and cold water, in a special valve, before it is available at the shower head. They are suitable for either low or high pressure. They are available as surface mounted fixtures, where the pipe work is easily installed on the top of your existing surface, or flush mounted, where the valve is seen, but the pipe work is hidden behind the surface. They are then ideal to install in a new shower cubicle construction where the pipes can be built into a wall.